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Current Players

The Beatsmacks were established in early 2014 by Elliot Kelley  after he booked a show for the Edmond Jazz Festival. He wanted to put together a "show" type band for the festival that was a concept of gathering together great musicians to perform and have a great time. As such the BeatSmacks isn't a traditional "band" but rather a gathering of musicians to put on a great first class show. The show will vary depending on who is playing at the time.  Members of the BeatSmacks are seasoned musicians and many are well recognized in the music community.  The BeatSmacks include our friends and fans to get involved as well. The personnel of the band changes as the shows change and individual schedules allow. 

The lineup for the first BeatSmacks performance at the Edmond Blues & Jazz Festival was: Alison Scott, (vocals); Bryan Brooks (lead guitar); Elliot E. Kelley (vocals and piano), Jim Heggen (vocals and bass); Mike Ragland (vocals and drums); Sammy Edwards (saxophone) and Theresa Zaizar (vocals).


Greer Garson, Saxophone; Alison Scott, Vocals, Mike Ragland, Drums; Mike Evans, Keyboards; Jim Heggen, Bass; Andy Williams, Guitar and Vocals; Dan Bigbee, Congas;  Jared Lowery, Guitar; David Fletcher-Hall, Actor and Zaneen Hotchkiss, Actor.


The Beatsmacks puts an original twist on classic Rhythm & Blues, Rock and other favorites. The band is also introducing original material into the mix.

We invite you to be a part of the BeatSmacks experience!

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